Slobodná Európa - Pakáreň

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MR 005 / 2017

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Mehr Infos

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and at one point this rich in history city was situated in Czechoslovakia, which was before the split, and the subsequent formation of the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Bratislava always had a small and active punk rock scene, even way before communism ended as a result of the velvet revolution in 1989. The earliest punk rock acts from Bratislava were Extip and Zona A, and Slobodna Europa developed out of those two bands when some members of Zona A left the band, and decided to form a new band around the charismatic singer Whisky. "Pakaren" is the bands's first full length album, and was released in 1991 when publishing music became possible in post-communism CSSR. I was born in Bratislava, hence I always had a keen interest in the punk rock history of my hometown, but by no means does one have to have such close ties to the place in order to appreciate this album. Sixteen songs were packed on to this release and there is not a single song I do not like, which means something for a full length. All songs represent a great mix of early Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, and Ramones influenced songs, paired with a good dose of the bands' own style including Slovak lyrics. The result is a great album celebrating Sex, Drugs & Rock'N'Roll in the best way possible, meaning that yes, some of the songs lyrically deal with substances that might numb you, but so what, it's a punk rock record, and some cliches are unavoidable. It is the music that is the absolute winner here, and the songs immediately grow on you, no matter whether is is the upbeat ones, or the more melancholic ones, as they all possess a way to draw you in through great song writing, such as the inclusion of a saxophone in some songs. Slobodna Europa is still going strong to this day, and has released three more albums in the meantime, developing musically and also lyrically. As often though, it is the first release that gets talked about the most, which is no different in this case. Should you have a chance to grab a copy of this record then don't hesitate if you don't want to miss out on eastern European punk'n'roll history!